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by Apr 14, 2018


Christenings & Adult Baptisms take place at St Cuthbert’s church on any Sunday of the month, either as part of the Sunday morning service or as a separate service at noon.

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for a website you may find helpful in planning your child’s christening in Church.

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to find out more about adult baptism in Church.

To arrange Christening or Adult Baptism at St. Cuthbert’s, please contact our Parish Administrator, Cathy Phillips.

Tel: 023 9234 0730





Weddings take place in the very flexible setting of St. Cuthbert’s Church and our aim is to work with you to make your wedding a lovely, happy and memorable occasion.

To arrange your Wedding at St. Cuthbert’s Church please contact: Cathy Phillips, Parish Administrator who will be happy to make the arrangements for your Wedding.

Tel: 023 9234 0730


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It is now the policy of this parish to admit baptised children to communion.

If your child wishes to receive communion, Revd. Allie Kerr, who is glad to explain the process of preparation and admission which is to be carried out before the child receives.

Please note that baptised but unconfirmed adults are also welcome to receive, but if they wish to be regular communicants they will be encouraged to be confirmed.

Please see our Parish Policy which is displayed on the notice board in both churches.


If you would like to explore the possibility of being confirmed, use the link below to find out more about affirming your faith for yourself.

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We hold short preparation courses for adult candidates.

For further information about either of these options please contact Revd. Allie Kerr, Vicar


We will be glad to support you when you have to make the arrangements for a family funeral, making it a very personal occasion as you remember and celebrate the life of a loved one.

Contact the Parish Administrator to arrange a funeral service at St. Cuthbert’s.

Tel: 023 9234 0730


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To link to a website you may find helpful in arranging a funeral in Church.



Instructions for my next-of-kin and executors on my death.
All too often, people do not leave instructions to their next-of-kin in the event of their death.

Consequently, their relatives, friends or executors, who naturally want to do the best for the person they have lost, sometimes plan the funeral with a funeral arranger without consulting clergy or the church first, or, indeed, at all.

The funeral can then be quite different to what the deceased would have wished.

Sometimes funerals are arranged without any reference to the church, even though the deceased may have worshipped at a particular church for years.

It is wise to give clear indications of what you would wish before your last illness, and since no-one knows when that might be it’s good to do it sooner rather than later.

Setting out clear guidance can avoid confusion or mistakes simply because “nobody knew”.

Making your wishes known in advance is also an act of kindness to those arranging a funeral at what is already a difficult time. It is also wise to ensure that your relatives, friends, and executors are made aware of these wishes during your lifetime.

If you would like the necessary paperwork so that you can leave your instructions please contact our Parish Administrator, Cathy Phillips  who will forward a copy to you.


Follow the link below to website you may find helpful if you are exploring a Vocation for some kind of ministry in the Church – God’s plan for you.

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