We are Church of England churches located in the North East corner of the ‘island’ of Portsmouth.

St. Cuthbert’s serves the community around the Baffins area and St. Aidan’s the Anchorage Park area of the parish.

The parish is a member of Inclusive Church and want everyone to feel welcome to join us on Sundays or at activities on other days of the week.

Do come and join us we will make you welcome.

May God bless you, today and in the future.

Revd. Allie Kerr, Vicar


St Cuthbert’s Church is now open for worship every Sunday morning at 10am. You still need to book via Anne Gard: 023 9263 9911 or anne.gard@yahoo.co.uk

Bring your own coffee to drink together in the Vicarage garden from 25th April (one week later than originally thought) after St. Cuthbert’s service. There are still services on line each morning.

We are hoping to start the 8am Holy  Communion on May 16th (monthly services) and the Tuesday 9.30am services on May 18th (weekly services).

St. Aidan’s opens on Sunday 18th April at 9am and will worship fortnightly till June.

St. Cuthbert’s Community

Slowly and gently returning!

Two children’s groups are returning to the centre this week, so there are signs of returning to ’normal’.

They will join the pre-school which has been on its own in the centre since the lockdowns.

Other groups are a way off yet – sorry.

Due to the pandemic the centre does not have a caretaker or cleaner at the moment so if you can volunteer to help in the church or centre with any jobs just let us know.

It will be lovely to meet again, even with a few restrictions.

Church Cafe’

We are planning to re-open the café in church on May 17th , hopefully for 5 mornings a week.

We are trying to think of a name for it. Can you suggest anything? A free lunch to the winner – what more encouragement do you need to get your imagination going?

Use the link below to our facebook page.

Facebook: facebook.com/st.cuthbertandst.aidan

Use the link below to our You Tube Channel.

You Tube: St Cuthbert & St Aidan, Portsmouth



St. Cuthbert’s church is committed to safeguarding children, young people and adults and creating protective and supportive environments where all people, and especially those who may be vulnerable, are able to worship and pursue their faith journey in safety.

We follow the national legal and procedural framework for safeguarding children and adults of the Diocese of Portsmouth and Church of England policy and practice.

Our parish policy which includes Disclosure & Barring (DBS) checks on those who work with young people and vulnerable adults s administered by the Safeguarding Team which is a subcommittee of the Parochial Church Council (PCC.)


Sue Wells
Email: sue.wells2@ntlworld.com

Telephone: 07762 332226

Bev Hill
Email: Bev.hill1@ntlworld.com

Telephone: 07792 628478


Sue Wells, Bev Hill, Richard Shurmer,Vicar & Churchwardens.


Every day – pray for the Clergy – Allie and Carol and Lay Reader Richard.


A Prayer for each day is included in the Calendar.


‘God’s love is like an ocean. You can see its beginning,

but not its end.

(Rick Warren)

Daily Bible Readings – John 15.18-21
Apr 23 all-day
Daily Prayer – On St. George’s Day may we remember we are all God’s children and that we all matter.
Apr 23 all-day
Daily Bible Readings – John 6.60-69
Apr 24 all-day
Daily Prayer – Thank you, God that we can come and talk to you at any time, and you will always be there for us.
Apr 24 all-day
Daily Bible Readings – Acts 4.5-10; John 10.11-18
Apr 25 all-day
Daily Prayer – St. Mark – Pray for the congregation and clergy of St. Mark’s Church, North End.
Apr 25 all-day
Daily Bible Readings – Mark 13.5-13
Apr 26 all-day
Daily Prayer – Pray for Bishop Christopher and his wife as they retire and pray, they enjoy their new life.
Apr 26 all-day
Daily Bible Readings – John 10.22-30
Apr 27 all-day
Daily Prayer – Pray that for the people of Hong Kong, Myanmar, and China where human rights are being challenged.
Apr 27 all-day

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