St. Cuthbert’s Helping Hands

St. Cuthbert’s Helping Hands is a volunteer group started in 2010.

Its aim is to give members of the community a little help which will make a big difference to their lives.

The clients are mainly elderly and they may need transport to a medical appointment, the lunch club at St Cuthbert’s or another meeting.

They may ask for some help with shopping, a small DIY job or some gardening or some may be lonely and so we send a volunteer along to have a chat with them.

The group, although under the umbrella of St Cuthbert’s Pastoral Care Team has its own committee of a chairperson, treasurer, co-ordinator and secretary.

This is a community project, serving people in the community and having volunteers who do not attend St. Cuthbert’s.

During the year we have regular committee meetings to continually discuss any issues that arise, to induct new volunteers, to review policies and consider ideas for the future of the group. We have assistance to apply for and keep our DBS forms up to date from the church safeguarding representative. We have a yearly AGM to report the progress we have made during the year.

The system works by anyone needing a job done, rings the special Helping Hands number and explains to the co-ordinator what is needed. She then refers to her list of volunteers and after confirming with them that they are available at the time wanted rings the client back and the job takes place. The client can make a donation via an envelope collection and the volunteer can claim a mileage allowance through the treasurer if that is applicable to the job.

St. Cuthbert’s Helping Hands does approximately 500 jobs a year and none of this would be possible without the enthusiasm and dedication of the volunteers to whom we are very grateful.

If you would like to access this service or become a volunteer please call:

Helping Hands: 07751 293 296


Val Clubley (Acting Chair) Chris Caws (treasurer) Anne Gard (Secretary) Pat French (co-ordinator)