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Pastoral Care Team

The Pastoral Care Team at our churches supports the congregation and parish with prayer, visits, arranging meetings and offering the healing ministry.
A regular prayer card is produced to encourage all to pray for up to date issues. A prayer chain consisting of about 10 people promises to pray daily for those in need.
Members of the PCT may visit the sick or take Holy Communion to those who are housebound.
A monthly healing ministry takes place in both churches, usually the 3rd Sunday in the month at St. Cuthbert’s and the 4th Sunday in the month at Stadia’s.
The PCT meet each month to review the prayer chain requests and discuss any issues that arise in the pastoral care provision in the parish and to plan any meetings etc. in the near future.
A yearly Remembrance Service is held, planned by the PCT, around All Souls’ Day in November.
If you need pastoral care or would like to become part of the team who offer it then please contact The Rev. Canon David Power on 023 928 27071.

Left – Pastoral Care Team

Right – Anne Gard brings home Communion to Muriel & Fred residents of the Clarendon Care Home.

What people say about St. Cuthbert and St. Aidan’s churches…

“… I love St Cuthbert’s because of the family feel within and the wonderful bespoke services”.

Richard Martin

Charity Giving

Each year St. Cuthbert and St. Aidan’s churches raise funds for a variety of secular and religious charities, trying to respond to the needs of the moment.

In 2018 St. Cuthbert and St. Aidan’s Churches raised a Grand Total of £4,294.74 for a variety of Charities.

This year we have supported the following Charities:

April – Bishop of Portsmouth’s Lent Appeal £664.6
May – Blue Day – Tom Prince Cancer Trust (St. Cuthbert’s Centre)
May – UNHCR – Syria Appeal £100
July – DEC – Idia Cyclone Appeal £170
July – Bishop’s Discretionary Fund – Revd. Allie’s Kerr’s Induction £255.45
Sep – Ride & Stride Hants & Islands Historic Churches Trust £460.00

This year our Harvest appeal was BEES ABROAD working in Kenya.
The Mothers Union in St. Andrew’s Parish Church in Nanyuki work with trainers from the charity to equip members of the church and others who live in the surrounding areas to keep bees and use the honey and other wax products to benefit their households. They are planning a 2 year project which will teach about keeping bees in hives, good pollination of the crops they grow and then harvesting and marketing with the added value of honey to support themselves.

Sep – Harvest Appeal – Bees Abroad £533.80

(Includes £117.35 raised by ‘Variety is the Spice of Life’ Concert)

A traditional Kenyan greeting – “Bee Blessed”

Sep – Macmillan Coffee Morning £381.40

Fund Raising Appeals to follow this year:
Nov – Teams4U Annual Shoebox Appeal
Dec – Christingle Services – Children’s Society
Dec – Christmas Charity – Canine Partners

 Running Total  £ £2,565.25 


St. Cuthbert and St. Aidan support Yew House which provides support for the homeless in Portsmouth. Yew Houses opened in September 2017 close to our Parish and provides breakfast and support for 30-50 homeless people.

We collect breakfast food, toiletries and clothing which are taken regularly to the centre.

We have boxes situated at the back of both churches to receive your donations.

• Washing powder (for clothes)
• Shower Gel Deodorants (spray only)
• Good quality summer and winter clothes (not XL XXL)
• Shampoo / conditioner
• Belts especially for men
• New men’s and women’s socks, vests and pants.
• Sleeping Bags Rucksacks & Flasks
• Sugar, Tea, coffee
• Cereals of all kinds
Please leave in the boxes at the back of both churches.


Many thanks


I have written to Slavena, the lady in charge at Yew House, and she thanks us for all our donations. She said the real immediate need at the moment is for men’s vests, boxer shorts, belts and toiletries etc. Food is still very welcome if you cannot help with the clothing. Can I also thank all the loyal people who have contributed so generously since we have started this act of love. Beulah.




Church Flowers are arranged by a small and dedicated team of volunteers on a weekly basis with larger arrangements created for church festivals.

Donations welcomed in remembrance of loved ones or to buy flowers for Christian Festivals.

Contact: Janet Day – Tel: 023 9282 1470


200 CLUB

The purpose of the club is to raise funds for specific projects at St Cuthbert’s Centre.

The monthly draw takes place on the last Sunday of the month.

There are more than 120 members and new members are always welcome. The cost is £1 a month and is ideally paid as an annual subscription which is usually collected in September but new members can join at any time.

For further information or to join please call: Abi Houghton – Tel: 07967 312407 or email: ahoughton174@hotmail.co.uk



An informal and light-hearted Social Group for women of all ages, meeting on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 7.30 pm in members’ homes. New members welcome.

Contacts: Sue Walker – Tel: 07763 210 659



We are a Social Group for men & women who meet on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7.45pm. We enjoy social evenings, guest speakers, coach trips, meals out and lots more!

Contact: Val Clubley – Tel: 023 9282 9259




St. Cuthbert’s church has adopted a policy of safeguarding the welfare of young people in accordance with guide lines of the Diocese of Portsmouth part of the Church of England.

Our parish policy which includes Disclosure & Barring Service checks on those who work with young people is administered by the Education & Training group which is a subcommittee of the PCC.


At present there are very few children in “FROGS” our Sunday worship group for children aged 3 – 11 years at 10am. This is because many of the current young people feel they have out grown the activities in this group.

Consequently we are closing Sunday worship for this age group the time being and concentrating our young peoples work on MESSY Church.

St. Cuthbert’s Helping Hands

St. Cuthbert’s Helping Hands is a volunteer group started in 2010.

Its aim is to give members of the community a little help which will make a big difference to their lives.

The clients are mainly elderly and they may need transport to a medical appointment, the lunch club at St Cuthbert’s or another meeting.

They may ask for some help with shopping, a small DIY job or some gardening or some may be lonely and so we send a volunteer along to have a chat with them.

The group, although under the umbrella of St Cuthbert’s Pastoral Care Team has its own committee of a chairperson, treasurer, co-ordinator and secretary.

This is a community project, serving people in the community and having volunteers who do not attend St. Cuthbert’s.

During the year we have regular committee meetings to continually discuss any issues that arise, to induct new volunteers, to review policies and consider ideas for the future of the group. We have assistance to apply for and keep our DBS forms up to date from the church safeguarding representative. We have a yearly AGM to report the progress we have made during the year.

The system works by anyone needing a job done, rings the special Helping Hands number and explains to the co-ordinator what is needed. She then refers to her list of volunteers and after confirming with them that they are available at the time wanted rings the client back and the job takes place. The client can make a donation via an envelope collection and the volunteer can claim a mileage allowance through the treasurer if that is applicable to the job.

St. Cuthbert’s Helping Hands does approximately 500 jobs a year and none of this would be possible without the enthusiasm and dedication of the volunteers to whom we are very grateful.

If you would like to access this service or become a volunteer please call:

Helping Hands: 07751 293 296


Geoff Osborne (chairperson) Chris Caws (treasurer) Anne Gard (Secretary) Pat French (co-ordinator)

Anne Gard - St. Cuthbert’s helping Hands

Anne Gard was presented with a certificate of commendation at the Portsmouth inspiring volunteers of the year award held on 7th June 2018 at the Portsmouth football club.

Photo – zooming photography (zoomingphotography.co.uk)

The quotation below is an extract of what was said in her nomination.
As part of the Good Neighbour Network, St. Cuthbert’s Helping Hands are committed to help the elderly and those who need help in the community; taking them to hospital / doctors’ appointments, helping with shopping and befriending those who are alone and just need someone who cares to make a phone call to see how they are.
Anne has been volunteering for 6 years and then has been the committee secretary for the last 5 years. She also volunteers as a driver, befriender, shopping assistant, gardener and works tirelessly to keep the committee up to speed with all the everyday organisational and legal requirements.

Planned Giving

The PCC of St. Cuthbert’s Church is registered as a charity (No: 1132140) and relies on the generosity of its Church Family members for most of its income. This is how we are able to resource our mission and ministry, becoming more and more like the church of our vision.

There are several ways people can give financially to the Church: through occasional gifts or at services or regularly through some form of planned giving, for instance using our Envelope Scheme or by making a regular Standing Order from the bank.

Planned giving has two main advantages. First, it allows the church to plan ahead with much more certainty. Secondly, tax payers are able to make a Gift Aid declaration, enabling the Church to recover the standard rate of income tax on each donation. Currently this means that the Church receives an extra £25 for every £100 donated.

This Gift Aid reclaim is a very important additional contribution – typically we will recover about £10,300 a year from the taxman.

The Bible teaches us that we should give the same proportion of their income, regardless of how much we earn. We are encouraged to set aside 10% of our income as our giving to God and then decide how to spend the rest.

The Church’s governing body suggests 5%, or 5p in every Pound after tax as a basic level of giving.

That way, everyone in the church family shares equally in supporting God’s work.



Charity Number: 1132140


If you would like to become a member of the Planned Giving Scheme, please contact Barry Day, our Planned Giving Recorder, who deals with all matters to do with giving in complete confidence. Barry’s number is 023 9282 1470.

All donations are made in absolute confidence – only the Planned Giving Recorder knows the amounts given by individuals.

If you would like to give a one-off gift, Gift Aid envelope available in church on which there is a declaration form.

Email Planned Giving Secretary: barry.day2@btopenworld.com